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Questions and Answers
If you have questions that were not addressed in this document, please contact our support team via
Is my order secure?
As we have for years, we promise the most secure purchases..
ShareIt and RegNow, all these Video Capture Master partners passed strict certification. We truly believe in 'Only by benefiting our customer can we benefit ourselves'. So your purchase security in Video Capture Master is our top priority! Video Capture Master has been involved in E-commerce for years. And through these years, we built up a secure online shopping system. You can enjoy the speed and convenience we offer.
Can I make a payment by check?
Yes, we take payment via a third party. You could use ShareIt or RegNow. They are highly trusted worldwide. You can choose one your trusted one. ShareIt recommended.
Where is the product I purchased?
Once we confirmed your payment is finished, the key code will be sent out immediately to the email address that you provided in the purchase process. Our software is based on ESD, which means you can download our software and enter the key code you get via email, then switch it into full version.
a. download the software you purchased with on our website;
b. enter the key code in the pop up window;
c. it will activate via Internet automatically.
d. If you do not receive the key code, please provide your purchase information. Once we confirm your order, the key code will be sent out immediately.
If you still have any question, please let me know.
If I have offered purchase information, but I still don't received the key code. What's wrong with that?
Once you finished the payment, the key will be sent to you automatically to the email address that you provided. If you do not receive it, the problem may come from your email filter. And again, I apologize for such confusion we brought.
If I haven't got the key code, and still haven't offered purchase information, what should I do?
Please send us the software name and your purchase information (such as invoice number, order number) ,and where you placed the order (ShareIt, PayPal or the other service provider). We will give you the registration key within one business day after confirmed it.
I've got a invalid key, what should I do?
Please make sure:
a. You have the latest version downloaded from our website. If you don't have yet, please click here to get one.
b. You enter the key code without space.
c. You enter your name and organization with key code.
At least fill NA in the organization if you do not want it.
I didn't receive a registration key or I received the wrong type of registration key.
This is usually caused by entering the wrong e-mail address or making a typing error when you enter your e-mail address with your order. Please send us an e-mail with the following information so that we can send you the key for your copy of our product:
A. The order ID/number;
B. The e-mail address for delivery.
C. The name of the online store where you bought your copy of Video Capture Master.
I'm not satisfied with the program and I want a refund.
We're sorry that our program didn't satisfy you. Since we always do our utmost to ensure that our programs meet our customer's expectations we'd really appreciate it if you would tell us why you're not happy when you send us your refund request. This will help us to improve our products and, hopefully, to regain your business.
The money is managed through the online shop where you bought the program, so we need a copy of your order confirmation to be able to process your refund request. Just contact us, if possible with a description of why you're not satisfied with the program and how we can improve it. As soon as we have checked your details we will process your refund immediately.
What kinds of refund can't be accepted?
We provide 30 days trial period to make our customers 100% satisfied with what you purchased, so you could know all the capability of the software during the trial period, including if this software could match you need or not.
We give refund only for the problem comes from our product and our staff could not fix it.
I purchased a copy of Video Capture Master, and now I want to use it on another computer. What can I do?
The software license is for a single computer. If you would like to use the software on an additional computer, you may enjoy your benefit as a back-customer. You could purchase another license. You could send an email to us with your previous purchase information, we would offer you a discount price within 24 hours.
If I want to request a customized version, what should I do?
You should offer us the following information:
1. What kind of software do you want, and please list out the software you need in our online software?
2. Who is your customers? We will raise up a solution for you after we know the customers background, including GUI color and software design style.
If I need the SDK, what should I do?
Our SDK is pretty different with the other SDK provider.
Here is our process of requesting SDK:
a. You describe your detailed requirements;
b. We raise up the solution;
c. You confirm the solution;
d. We offer you the solution with SDK/Customized version/source codes.
Where can I get a registered version or how can I register the software using the website provided?
If you have installed a trial version, you do not need to download anything else. To register the software, you have to fill in registration key you purchased online. Just click the Enter key button on the register window (the first window you see when you start the trial version). You will see a registration box. Please enter the unlock key you have received from us.
How to report bugs?
Please email bugs or suggestions to We will reply within 24 hours.
What can I do with Video Capture Master?
Video Capture Master is designed to capture video or image from your DV , TV Cards, USB cameras and other capture devices. With easy-to-use user interface, high-quality capturing tasks can be realized by this powerful tool.
I lost my registration code and I want to reinstall Video Capture Master. What should I do now?
If you need to retrieve a lost serial number, please send us your registration User Name and registration Email Address to We will reply within 24 hours.
Is the trial version different from the purchased version?
A trial version is available for all of our products and can be downloaded from our Download Center . Video Capture Master Free Version allows you to capture image and video in limited 15 days. Watermark will be showed in free version's windows. If you want to get the full function, please register the program.